UK Police Raid 6 Addresses, Arrest 7 During Massive Investigation Into Terror Attack



Healthcare Bill In Limbo: House GOP Leaders Fail To Reach Deal On Obamacare Replacement
Intel Chair Nunes: FBI Not Yet Cooperating On Surveillance Questions

Nunes Says More Information Coming Out Friday, Says It Appears Surveillance Was Related To A FISA Order
ICE Agents Outnumbered 5 to 11,000 Illegals, Cheer New Trump Hires
Today Is 'Do or Die' For Trump, GOP On Healthcare Bill
Nunes' Announcement Marks Shift In Trump's 'Wiretapping' Saga
$4.1 Million In Cash, Three Kilos of Heroine Found Hidden In Bronx
Roseanne Barr: Every Attack on Trump 'Really a Disguised Attack on American Voters'
LA Mayor Expands Protection For Illegal Immigrants
California May Face Significant Risk From Dam
Female CEO Resigns, Accused of Grabbing Boobs
Brave Wrangler Wrestles 9ft Alligator Out of Florida Storm Drain
LAPD: 'Strong Correlation' Between Latinos Reporting Fewer Sex Crimes And Deportation Fears
NY AG's Private Email History Raises Questions About Anti-Exxon Campaign
Breitbart Reporter Quits For a Second Time After Editor Kicks Him Out of The White House
Registered Voters Oppose Comey 2 To 1
'Barbie Hijabs' Designed By US Moms To Promote Inclusive Generation of Kids
Decriminalizing Pot: Tulsi Gabbard Backs Act To Stop 'Tearing Apart Families'
Why Is Sears Dying?



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Why Israel is 'Deeply Interested' in Continuation of Syrian War
Premier Li Denies China's World Dominance Ambition, Warns About New Cold War
London Attack Highlights Importance Of Protecting Borders, Says France's Le Pen
Over 100 NATO Military Vehicles Arrive in Estonia As Part of 'Biggest Deployment Since Cold War'
'Heil Merkel!' German City Protests Visit By Chancellor
Germany To Deport First Homegrown ISIS Suspects In Landmark Case
Macron Favorite to Triumph in Both Rounds of French Presidential Race
North Korean Missile Explodes Seconds After Launch
Timeline: Twelve Years of Terror Attacks In The UK
In An Effort To Curb Terrorism? The Eiffel Tower Turned Off Its Lights in Solidarity With London
Large Munitions Depot Up In Flames In Ukraine, Nearly 20,000 Evacuated
Russian Beer Lover Fights Off Gun-Toting Thug To Drink In Peace
Piers Morgan To Go Silent On Twitter For UK Charity
Pentagon Says No Indication Of Civilian Casualties In Raqqa Strike
France's Fillon Accuses Government Of Organizing Leaks To Damage Him
Burger King To Stop Serving Abused Chickens
Oops, He Did It Again! Juvenile Rapist Strikes Twice at Same Swedish School
2,000 Israeli Reservists Train For Possible Gaza War
Nearly 1 in 4 Japanese Citizens Have Contemplated Suicide


US Navy Tests Electromagnetic Railgun That Shoots Projectiles at 4,500 MPH
Wi-Fi On Rays Of Infrared Light…

… 100 Times Faster At 40 Gigabits Per Second, And Never Overloaded

Verizon, AT&T Suspend Ads From Google Over Offensive Videos
Hackers Threaten to Wipe Out 559 Million Apple Accounts
Facebook Rape Stirs Questions About Witnessing Crime Online
1 In 4 Brits Say Robots Would Be Better Politicians
Brain Scans of People Watching Movie Trailers Can Predict If It'll Be A Hit
LastPass Security Flaw Could Have Let Hackers Steal Passwords Through Browser Extensions
Facebook Files Patent for Meme Analysis Engine
Instagram Could Become a Yelp Competitor
Japanese Company Develops Solar Cell With Record-Breaking 26%+ Efficiency
Marriot Likely To Decide On Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa For Hotels Later This Year
Australia Leads Crackdown on Multinational Profit Shifting
Chinese Internet Giant Tencent's Apps Are Growing Faster Than Facebook
Instagram Tries To Steal Ad Dollars From Snap By Proving It Drives Sales
Chicago Teen Reportedly Gang Raped As 40 People Watched on Facebook Live
NYPD Documents Unveil Extensive Surveillance of Protests
Nest Security Cameras Can Be Knocked Out Via Bluetooth
Instagram Will Help You Book a Haircut
Apple Unveils Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Respect Women On International Women's Day

Respect Trans Women

Sean Spicer Vs. MSM on Trump Wiretap Claim, (FISA Warrants Approved By Lynch)