May 5, 2017 19:09 EST


1 oz. of your finest marijuana 24 oz. or 1.5 lbs of high quality butter (that European shit, preferably Kerrygold or Plugra butter. The better the butter, the better yo’ shit) 1 cup of water


· Medium saucepan

· Fine strainer or cheesecloth

· A clean jar or airtight container

Step One

Decarboxilate weed (absolutely necessary step, activation of THC is needed) Place weed on cookie sheet and into a pre-heated oven at 240 degrees Decarb for 2 hours, rotating the tray once halfway through at the end of 2 hours your product should be very dry, shiny, and oily to the touch

Step Two

Step Two- Infuse your butter Heat medium saucepan on lowest flame Add butter to pan, begin to melt Slowly add water Add product (your decision on whether you want to crumble it or use whole buds, I personally do a semi-crumble)

Now the boring stuff begins...

Step Three - Infusion Continued

Bear in mind that low and slow is the key Keep your burner low and heat your mixture, stirring occasionally for 2-3 hours making sure that it never boils -- The longer you allow the butter to infuse, the stronger your butter will become

Step Four - Post Infusion

After two hours of infusion, remove from heat and prepare to strain off butter Butter should have developed a deep greenish hue Strain butter through making sure to press remaining product and squeeze all oils out. ***Discard herbal waste (Do NOT try to smoke it) Now your herbal butter is ready to coagulate (put SOB in the fridge and let it get hard) For best results butter should sit overnight, however it is ready to use immediately out of the pot

Step Five - Ready, set, go!

Once butter has cooled and re-hardened, weed butter should float to the top and harden. Waste cream, milk, and/or water will sink to the bottom Weed butter is ready to use in your favorite recipe Bear in mind you should have about 6 sticks or 48 tablespoons for a 1oz. yield

© Photo Credit: Just Bella NYC