California City Moves Toward Sanctuary City Status

March 12, 07:05 EST

     A California city will quietly consider whether to declare itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants Monday, when the city council votes on a resolution put forward by anti-Donald Trump organizers.

The resolution would bar local authorities in San Carlos from cooperating with federal agents to enforce immigration laws, officially designating the city as a safe zone from deportation for illegal immigrants who commit crimes. Such cities are widely known as “sanctuary cities,” although the proposal, interestingly, makes no mention of the politically loaded term.

The city council will vote on the resolution to declare San Carlos a “Welcoming City” at a meeting Monday night, after residents who show up have a chance to voice their opinion. The meeting will be live-streamed.

One city resident, who asked not to be named to avoid a backlash from the organizers, told The Daily Caller News Foundation he thinks the label is a “disguise” intended to obscure the reality of the policy change. Vice mayor and city council member Matt Grocott echoed that suggestion, saying the goal of the term is probably to avoid penalties from the Trump administration.

Trump has threatened to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities. The threat was enough to prevent a neighboring California city, San Mateo, from declaring itself a sanctuary for illegal immigrants in a recent vote on a similar resolution.

The organizers behind the resolution are a group of at least 100 residents who call themselves “#Resist: San Carlos,” and some regularly meet to discuss ways to “resist” the Trump administration. Messages on the group’s online platform Meetup reveal their hand in submitting the resolution to the city council and their plan to swamp the meeting Monday in a show of support.


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