Protests Lead New Hampshire House To Defeat Pro-Transgender Bill

March 11, 17:14 EST

     A wave of public protests persuaded New Hampshire state legislators to reject a pro-transgender bill that would have allowed men to walk into girls’ and women’s restrooms, showers, and other public facilities.

“The number of people who have written stating that this bill essentially offers their children up to sexual predators is out running by five to one the number of emails” supporting the bill, said Rep. Jess Edwards (R).

“State representatives were under intense pressure [from transgender activists and progressives] to ignore the effect the legislation could have on the safety, privacy and religious liberty rights of New Hampshire residents,” said Cornerstone, a New Hampshire-based pro-family advocacy group. “Unquestionably, Speaker of the House Shawn [Shawn] Jasper and the House leadership team played a role in preventing the Bathroom Bill from going forward,” the conservative group said.

“I have been more vocal in this case,” Jasper said before the vote. “I do feel very strongly about this, as does the majority of the Republican caucus and it will take an almost unanimous Republican caucus to table it, but I do believe a majority of Republicans will vote to table this bill.”

H.B. 478, which was intended to prohibit “discrimination based on gender identity,” was tabled by a vote of 187-179 amid intense controversy within the state.

Democrats pushed the bill in cooperation with progressives and transgender advocates.

Less than one-quarter of Americans support the flexible “gender-identity” ideology pushed by gay activists and by former President Barack Obama.

In the marketplace, the Target retail chain has lost $15 billion in investor value since it triggered a consumer boycott by supporting the pro-transgender campaign in April 2016.

The Story Was Originally Published On Breitbart By Susan Berry.