Blizzard Warning Issued For NYC - 18 Inches of Snow Expected

     More than a foot of snow will likely fall on New York City early next week, forecasters say.

March 11, 17:00 EST

     NEW YORK – The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard watch for a major snowstorm due to arrive in parts of our area late Monday into Tuesday.

The two-or-so inches of snow we got Friday was child's play compared to the "major winter storm" expected to hit NYC this coming Monday night, then wreak havoc for at least 24 hours, according to federal weather officials. (For updates on the incoming storm and other local stories that affect you,

A "blizzard watch" and "winter storm watch" were in effect from midnight Monday through midnight Tuesday in all five boroughs.

The National Weather Service warned of the "potential for falling and/or blowing snow with strong winds and extremely poor visibilities," which could "lead to whiteout conditions and make travel very dangerous." Power outages are also a possibility.

A brutal cold has moved in along with powerful wind gusts that’ll make for a painfully frigid weekend — leading up to a potential major storm next week.

Throughout the weekend, temperatures will struggle to get past the low 30s.

This storm will require three ingredients to get together at the perfect time. Gulf moisture, a cold injection of energy from Canada and a Pacific storm sending its energy eastward to meet up. In the world of meteorology, it’s like threading a needle, but when it does happen, that’s how you get memorable storms.