Trump Tells CNN They Are Full of Hate and Anger

February 16, 13:00 EST

     When Trump spoke to the media today after Flynn's resignation and Andy Puzder's withdrawal from being nominated for labour secretary.

He took a nice jab at the lying and dishonest mainstream media. They were recently sad and angered by that fact that Trump had only been calling on conservative news outlets. Well maybe if they didn't publish so much fake news about Trump they would get called more often.

CNN's Jim Acosta had to take one for the failing team of CNN today once again, reminiscent of when he was ignored by Trump and eventually Trump said "You Are Fake News."

The media has been continuously spreading fake news about Russian hacking and Trump's administration being in contact with Russian Intelligence officials prior to him becoming President of the United States.

Why don't they do their job? Why do they keep lying and fabricating stories?

It only leads to their downfall anyway.