Trump Has 'No Doubt' In Winning Travel Ban Lawsuit

February 10, 13:54 EST

     The White House is floating a new way to counter a stunning appeals court ruling that set back President Trump’s immigration order – redrafting the order in a way that could take effect immediately and be more resistant to legal challenge.

President Trump signaled an unmistakable instinct to fight for his original order Thursday night when bluntly told opponents: ‘See you in court!’ after criticizing judges who stood in his path.

But now, the White House is also laying out an alternative path. Asked if the president was considering signing a new executive order on immigration, a White House official told CNN, ‘”Nothing’s off the table.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta added on air Friday morning, ‘They may go back and revise this executive order that that is a possibility that no options are being essentially taken off the table at this point.’

By redrafting the order, the White House could conceivably try to correct several elements of the order that have drawn scrutiny in court.

NBC reported Friday that White House attorneys were already engaged in the effort. Options include continuing the court fight that Trump has vowed or signing a new order ‘very soon.’

Plaintiffs have argued that the order essentially codifies Trump’s campaign ‘Muslim ban,’ which he overtly campaigned on, then describing it in new terms as the campaign wore on.

The existing order includes only seven countries where Muslims are the vast majority. It also provides a special carveout for religious minorities in those countries, a provision that would help Christians facing persecution.

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